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tv   Washington Journal David Hudson Discusses Limits to Free Speech  CSPAN  February 21, 2017 12:26pm-12:29pm EST

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>> president trump touring the african american museum earlier today. coming up live in a few minutes .e take a look at iran the nuclear agreement and possible sanctions under the trump administration. the at the center for the national interest shortly. first, today's washington journal on free speech and our first amendment. host: could you give us a quick idea? guest: the first amendment looks
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at issues all across the world. journalists who have been killed in the line of duty. on free pressts and free speech. we really are trying to run the gamut of the first amendment free-speech issues. mr. hudson, if you look at the first amendment in the constitution when it comes to the phrasing used it says congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise or the abridging of freedom of speech. could you give us a sense of what the framers meant at that time and what has happened in the day we live in? most scholars and historians have considered that the founding fathers principally
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wanted to protect political speech. political dissident speech. they wanted to ensure that toizens have the right criticize government officials. that being said, many people who voted for the first amendment only seven or eight years later , thevoted for the act sedition act which was a stark suppression of political dissidents. so there has always been a tension of the first amendment real and the first amendment ideal. in other words, as a society we respect free-speech in theory but oftentimes only are confronted with speech that we dislike, we react by silencing the speaker's. reactions that are not c


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